Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Keep this in mind when you need to control some emotion

Self awareness: ability to recognize our own feelings.
Sometime you feel that some person hurt you, because he did something to affect you. Hours after you still fell angry and you wish to do something to him in response. If you analyze the feeling, you can reverse the situation and change this feeling. This is the ability to drop off the bad mood because the only one that has the benefit is you.

Mood management: balance between the good and bad mood.
Probably you sometimes feel angry for a situation, but you can´t control this angry and when your child ask for something you explode. Is not really for the question that your child asked you, is because you are still engage with the first situation. You can learn how much the emotion feeling last long. In the modern live we accumulate feelings over feeling and one time this explode, and the explosion is with the wrong one, our family, the boss, or with you and developed the chronics pains, sickness, stress.

Impulse control: the ability to control oneself, keeping in mind long-term goals.
We want something but we want them now. This is what the modern live teach us. We cannot wait because we need it so much. What is all about? Because the commercials, the publicity, the consumers, we have to get that whatever is the price. We can learn the patient of the doing the things step by step, and keep our eyes on the finish line. This is what the life is about. Enjoy every moment on the race to get the first place and then the better price. Do you want the price without run the race? It doesn´t meant anything. This is what the peoples who get everything and them doesn´t know anything about the happiness, because the happy life is efforts, dedication, love for what we doing, and them, when we get the finish line is the proud and enjoy.

People skills: is the ability to be sensitive to other´s feelings.
This is very important in all the relationships. Be empathetic. Walk with the other peoples shoes. That is the reason the relationships become long terms and happy. The people usually took the other people behavior so personal. You hurt me, and now my emotions are the important. You made me feel like that, and now I am the victim and you has to do something for me. When the other way nothing come, I feeling bad, and I want to show all my emotions. This is a very immature reaction and is selfish. If you pay attention on the other emotions you would take this in different direction.

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