Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Last Experience during International Industrial Training (IIT) - first task- on 17/10/2014

      The objective of this practicum is to expose the students to be a real working environment and the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have learned at the university before this. During the fourteen weeks I practically here in two places (Ponorogo and Mantingan), I get a lot of new skills and knowledge that is useful to me when I enter the job world. For two weeks after completing practicum, I was residing in Yogyakarta to gain knowledge at Islamic University of Indonesia, UII.
I was also given the task in facing the Indonesian people directly or indirectly. Furthermore, I saw the courage of the students here in addressing various issues especially in thoughts of resistance. Besides that, I had the opportunity to learn Gontor management and also learn how to teach more effectively.
I was also able to increase proficiency in two languages, Arabic and English. This is because most of the tasks in the two languages as well as class and report.

 1.1 The First Organization (Institut Studi Islam Darussalam-ISID)

1.2 The Second Organization (Pondok Modern Darusslam Gontor Putri 1 Mantingan, Ngawi)
   Here, I have to communicate with different types of employee background, education, religion and age greatly. Advantage communicates well to facilitate interaction between us. Hence, I got good dedication here to develop my skills from aspect of communication, leadership, critical thinking, social and self-confidence in dealing with Indonesian community. There is a lot of the activities that I joined there.

     In a nutshell, the academic degree at the university level is no guarantee a good student without charismatic and brilliant in working training. Outstanding graduates must have the knowledge and experience practically. Furthermore, we are able to aply and improve our skills to interact with the community and also compete in the job market. Knowledge and skills need to be strengthened before we enter the world of employment.
Therefore, industrial training provides the opportunity for all the students to be more confident and brave to work after this. I hope more USIMs` students want to grab the golden opportunity to practice international industry.

      Hence, I finished the industrial training greatly and increase my experiences outside the classroom. In the job world, I learned to discipline, responsible for solving the assignments, manage time, communicate well and follow the guidelines as a high caliber employee. Sincerely, moderate, healthy, work and patience are the keys to success in performing a job.

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