Saturday, 18 October 2014

English lessons

Today, I learned how to speak as speed talk and how to present towards audience to catch the attention-getter.
Here, I write down my outline my favorite song to the audiences.


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning for our beloved madam and my friends.

The purpose

Thank you for giving me a golden opportunity to share my favourite song today.


Point 1

I would like to present a song entitled “Aku Ingin MencintaiMu” by Edcoustic. This band is from Indonesia. They begun with two person who are well-known as Aden and Eggie. They named their band with “Muhammad Isa Ibrahim Yusuf” simply as MIIY in 2002. Then, they changed their band name with Edcoustic in 2004 until nowadays.

Point 2

I do really love this song after my best friend introduced me during my friends and I had an international industrial training last year in Indonesia. I would like to highlight three reasons here. The first reason is reminding me who the creator means our Lord, Allah. We must know Him by His characteristics, His doing and His beauty names ‘Asmaul Husna’. Secondly, it binds my true love towards Allah, later on the human become closer to me. The last but not least, it recalls me all my faults, sins, His gift and kindness and the foremost thing, I must seek His forgiveness first.

Point 3

“aku ingin mencintaiMU
setulusnya,sebenar-benar aku cinta
dalam do'a dalam ucapan dalam setiap langkahku
aku ingin mendekatiMU selamanya
sehina apapun diriku
kuberharap untuk bertemu denganMU ya Rabbi “
                The lyrics tell us about ourselves must have the touch-feeling with our God. We must realise that He gives us many things which we desire but we still make Him frustrated. Maybe we often forget, ignore and neglect all His instruction and do the forbidden. But, He still gives us a chance that we may return repeatedly. As a human or a slave, we are nothing for Him. So, we must approach Him forever to get His love.


                In a nutshell, this song will remind us as a slave who must obey His direction and avoid ourselves from His banned.


                I will summarise again why we should appoint this song as our reminder to foster our love towards Him. Reminding ourselves about all right or wrong-doing in this world will has penalties from Him. Besides that,we can recall with conscious mind and face our wonderful life greatly.

Memorable closing

They said, "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it is called the present"

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