Friday, 28 November 2014


A situation

I work at Beserah namely as Pusat Pentarbiahan for elders and teenagers citizens. Actually, I always face the people who are interested to send their mother here. As usual, I will explains what the activities here and simple procedures to register. But, the people always miscommunication and misunderstanding after that. They expect after meet me as a warden, they can stay directly without meeting the manager. Actually, before we accept the residents, we must discuss first among our team committees to accept them or reject. We are seldom to reject the people because Allah sent them to us. Then, we will contact them for next meeting to confirm their registration. But, the situation will be happen is the people come to us without negotiation and assume that they can stay directly. So, it made me in fault to accept them without the upper line know. But, I am pity for them and I accept them first. After that, I contact and meet the manager and others to settle down the resident`s registration. Alhamdulillah, the uppers are open minded and think positively.

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